Webcast: Critical power

Meeting power quality needs

Dec. 7, 2021


Devices using power electronics can produce distortion in electrical distribution systems, and it’s up to the electrical engineer to apply effective solutions to mitigate this added distortion. These solutions will ensure high-quality power is maintained within a nonresidential building, especially one with sensitive equipment or unique applications.

Mission critical and data center facilities that use sensitive power electronics have small tolerances for power source deviations. Power quality and the mitigation of problems affecting power quality are very important to the continuous operation of these types of facilities.

  • Understand how power quality can impact electrical system reliability.
  • Learn about what causes power source deviations (poor power quality).
  • Understand the impacts of power quality on facilities like mission critical and data centers.

Review different mitigation techniques that will help power quality. Gain the ability to identify applications where improvements are recommended.