As a Consulting-Specifying Engineer 2021 Product of the Year winner, you have earned bragging rights! We have the perfect vehicle to promote your product – CSE’s Product of the Year Winners eNewsletter, and print ad in the November/December issue of Consulting-Specifying Engineer. This special program provides you with a chance to highlight your winning product!


Product of the Year Winners eNewsletter (only) deploying Fall 2023 – $3,525 NET

Bundle program including print – Talk to your sales rep



  • Sent to over 30,000 Consulting-Specifying Engineer subscribers
  • Space Close: TBD
  • Materials Due Date: TBD
    • Specs: Image-150 x 150 pixels, No Animated files, 35K, URL & 25-30 words text. Static (non-animated) GIF/JPEG files
  • Materials can be sent to McKenzie Burns at
  • Newsletter deployment date: Fall 2023

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