*All rates subject to change based on publisher’s discretion.
*Cover Positions include additional 25% Premium Charge

Cover Rate

Covers—include four-color $11,350 (GROSS) / $9,650 (NET)
(Covers cannot be cancelled.)

Cover Ad Opportunities

Cover Bug: Cover bug to occupy the lower right corner of cover design.

Please provide cover bug to these dimensions. Create a box that is:
2.6″ square, then bisect this box diagonally from corner to corner. The diagonal space remaining is the design area for your cover bug.

NOTE: From this dimension, add an additional .25″ for image bleed at foot and the right trim of the cover to meet printer specs.

FILE TYPE: Final cover bug design should be delivered as a hi-res, PDF, CMYK, or TIF file at 300 dpi suitable for print.

Belly Band:
Contact sales representative for pricing and contact production manager for PDF template for all image, bleed, and overlap specs.

Media Showcase for Engineers
Showcase your new products, literature, apps, videos, case studies, whitepapers, online and in-person training.

Design Specs and Pricing:
Full Page: $5,900 (GROSS) / $5,000 (NET)
1/6 Page: $1,170 (GROSS) / $995 (NET)

Click here to see an example.

15% agency commissionable. Net 30 days. Agency commission disallowed after 30 days from date of invoice.

Note: Publisher reserves the right to select ad locations unless advertiser pays for preferred positions.