HVAC: How to incorporate controls into HVAC systems

The design of controls for HVAC systems is generally based on the design engineer’s philosophy and experience level. The audience should understand that the HVAC system itself, its controls components and the building in which it is installed should all be considered together as parts of a single, whole design.

Designers should remain flexible in providing the best possible system that can control, to various degrees of comfort required, different applications within the same building. The system should provide this control with reasonable costs at the least possible energy use.

HVAC systems and their controls have continued to advance. Electronically commutated motors, variable-speed compressors and more widespread use of advanced control technologies continue to reduce energy usage.

Learning objectives:

  • Assess basic design approaches for building automation systems.
  • Interpret codes and standards that guide BAS design requirements.
  • Understand key equipment for integration options to improve system efficiency.
  • Review examples of designing control systems for HVAC systems.